The acronym 'CPR' that the authors suggest in the book 'Crucial Accountability' is very helpful and easy to remember for directing an accountability conversation - Content, Pattern, Relationship.

Content - the content of a violation typically deals with a single event or situation.  For example, "you were 20 minutes late starting work today."

Pattern - the next time the problem occurs, we need to talk pattern.  The same violation is happening over time, it is not a one off event.  For example, "you have been more than 20 minutes late for work three times in the past 10 days."  The book suggests that 'frequent and continued violations affect the other person's predictability and eventually harm respect and trust'.  Most of us will be...

Within two weeks I was involved in four separate conversations on the issue of accountability.  In all four cases a lack of accountability was resulting in negative actions and far reaching consequences.

It seems that our human nature resists accountability, we see it as an undesirable concept.  Yet for our own personal growth and development, surely it is an essential element to build into our lives. 

Perhaps our negative association with accountability results from bad experiences in the past.  We have not seen accountability modeled in away that has been healthy and fruitful.  Rather it has been a legalistic, checking up and measuring up type way of relating.

Or is it that we prefer to hide behind masks that pretend...

"Leadership is more than influence.  It is about reminding people what it is we are trying to build and why it matters.  It is about painting a picture of a better future."

Michael Hyatt, CEO, Thomas Nelson