When it comes to developing a product or service, we seldom get it exactly right the first time.  In ' The Personal MBA' written by Josh Kaufman, he suggests the use of an Iteration Cycle to make things better over time.  Changes and revisions bring the project one step closer to what you are trying to accomplish.

He lists these six major steps which he calls the WIGWAM method:

1. Watch - What's happening?  What's working and what's not?

2. Ideate - What could you improve?  What are your options?

3. Guess - Based on what you've learned so far, which of your ideas do you think will make the biggest impact?

4.  Which? - Decide which change to make.

5. Act - Actually make...

Last week I sat and listened to two friends narrate a story.  An incident had happened related to a project that is very dear to their hearts.  I listened as they took one event and told themselves a detailed story about why this had happened, to the point that the person involved (a friend) had become a villain.  We all do it!  We look at a situation where we have incomplete information and we tell ourselves a story about the other persons motivation, intent and character.  Unfortunately we tend to tell ourselves ugly stories!  In turn we then move ourselves to the moral high ground.


The book Crucial Accountability* has a very helpful chapter on challenging the stories we...

'Great institutions are not managed; they are led.  They are not administered; they are driven to ever-increasing levels of accomplishment by individuals who are passionate about winning'.

'Personal leadership is about visibility - with all members of the institution.  Great CEOs roll up their sleeves and tackle problems personally.  They don't hide behind staff.  They never simply preside over the work of others.  They are visible every day with customers, suppliers and business partners.'

'Personal leadership is about communication, openness, and a willingness to speak often and honestly,and with respect for the intelligence of the reader or listener.  Leaders don't hide behind corporate double-speak.  They don't leave to others the delivery of bad news. They treat every employee as someone who...