"Understanding and feeling the pressure of a situation is a fact of life, but allowing the situation to determine who you are and how you will respond is a choice."

The Art of Authenticity - Karissa Thacker



Here is a simple but very effective tool that David Rock shares in his must read book 'Quiet Leadership'.

The Choose Your Focus model has five different ways we can think about or communicate about any project.  The model helps us to recognize which angle we are thinking from and then allows us to choose another way to think, or allows everyone in the conversation to be talking from the same angle.  This simple model is helpful in any conversation or meeting.

1. Vision: Vision thinking is about the "why" or "what."  It is the big picture of what is your goal or what are you trying to achieve.

2. Planning: Planning thinking is about how you are going to...

Recently I was reading 'Fierce Conversations' by Susan Scott and came across this helpful analogy she calls the 'Decision Tree'.  I have used this while coaching others to help them process what kind of decision they are grappling with.  This model gives clarity to employees about where they have the authority to make decisions and take action.  It also provides a path for growth and professional development, and personal accountability. 


The Decision Tree:-

Leaf Decisions - Make the decision.  Act on it.  Do not report the action you took.

Branch Decisions - Make the decision.  Act on it.  Report the action you took daily, weekly or monthly.

Trunk Decisions - Make the decision.  Report your decision before you take action.

Root Decisions...