Henry Cloud's book Boundaries for Leaders continues to provide much food for thought.  A few quotes from the chapter 'Power Through Connection'.

Why does connection matter so much in performance?  And how can leaders create it and enhance it?

Our brains need positive relationship to grow and function well.

Creating an environment that allows for vulnerability and high levels of trust builds connection.

To connect with you, I need to be aware of you and what you are dealing with, and you with me.

When people feel like they are out of the loop, the seeds of disconnection are sown. 

Create a climate where problems and issues get shared and solved through the team's engagement with one another.

When people...

A few very helpful thoughts (quoted directly) from 'Boundaries for Leaders' by Dr Henry Cloud, from his chapter 'The emotional climate that makes brains perform'.

The cold, hard scientific facts are that your people think better when they are not stressed, afraid, or depressed.  Yet many leaders do not put a lot of thought into creating a positive emotional climate for their people, and sometimes they create the exact opposite.

Mood research in scientific studies has shown that moods and emotions, both positive and negative, are "contagious." We "pass on" good or bad feelings and "infect" others' well-being.

So ask yourself: What kind of mood and energy am I fostering when I enter a room?  When I give feedback?  When...

Reading on a train, traveling to a two day meeting, I came across the statement that 'diversity raises the intelligence of groups'.  Eight people representing six different nationalities were present at our meeting.  With a mix of males and females, varied cultural backgrounds and diverse life experiences, we indeed had much diversity represented in our small group. 

Did it raise the intelligence of our group?  I believe so!  We had rich and profitable discussions and I left the meeting encouraged that we had made great progress and good decisions.

It is tempting to surround ourselves with like minded people who understand and agree with our way of thinking, but this may miss the higher level of thinking that comes from...