Repeated research has shown, and confirmed, that when people learn by being 'told', they can recall 70% of the information after 3 weeks, but only 10% after 3 months.

When people are 'told' and 'shown' they can recall 72% after 3 weeks and 32% after 3 months.

Training that involves 'telling', 'showing' and 'experiencing' has an 85% recall after 3 weeks and a significantly increased 65% after 3 months.

The results speak for themselves!  When people are actively involved in the learning process their retention, and therefore effectiveness, is significantly greater. Effective adult education and learning includes interaction and participation. This requires a radical shift in how we plan and conduct our training programs. To achieve an effective return on...

'Ultimately leadership is about turning a vision into reality; it's about producing real results in the real world.  And that is only done through people doing what it takes to make it happen'... writes Henry Cloud in Boundaries for Leaders.   A great plan needs people to make it work, and leaders need to be able to invest time and energy into people in order to get results and create thriving teams.

Cloud suggests that 'when leaders lead in ways that people's brains can follow, good results follow as well.'  He states that two essential components of leading people relate to the boundaries of 'what you create' and 'what you allow'.  As leaders we create direction, vision, goals and strategy, which...

'Leaders help people to grow into their full God-given potential.  The imperative task of leadership is facilitating the growth of others'... a quote I read recently in Leading Across Cultures by James Pluddemann.

He goes onto say that the most basic task of leaders is to develop people for God's glory, focusing the gifts of others.  Successful leaders enhance the gifts of people by involving them in the work.

While he talks much about the theory of leadership, strategy, vision and cross cultural styles of leadership, he comes back to the core - people and their development.

How easy it is to get caught up in tasks, strategy, meetings, schedules and other important aspects of running an organization, and to overlook...